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Thomas Batterman understands how crucial these decisions are in people’s lives and he is here to help ease your pain. Through his efforts of spreading the word, he has had the opportunity to blog on Medium. This site is a frequent and popular blogging site, where individuals are able to express themselves freely. He recognizes the magnitude in completing a job to the best of his abilities. He writes about his experiences and how to learn from the mistakes of others. In the position of an advisor, it is crucial that people uphold a certain “fiduciary” standard. This is to ensure that individuals and their money are being protected. In his efforts to do so, he writes about the importance of good timing and developing a structured plan.

While Thomas works as a financial fiduciary, he wants to ensure people are making the right choices. Retirement is both a stressful and delicate process, as it about planning for one’s future. Thomas Batterman describes the shortcomings that are possible when people try and gauge how much they will need to retire. Sometimes it is more and maybe at times, less. With the aid of a Financial Fiduciary, it is a fee-paying service that can help organize people in advance, before retirement. He has built his business of trust, ethics and understanding, while also ensuring alignment of goals. Therefore, he is always working and evolving himself to carry out these goals. He has a passion to help people become better informed about their finances. Especially when it comes to teenagers and young adults. Thomas believes it is important for generations to learn about saving as early as possible.


Planning for Retirement with Thomas Batterman

Thomas Explains Fiduciary Responsibilities and Obligations

Thomas Batterman Discusses the Importance of Teaching Kids at a Young Age About Finances

Navigating the financial landscape is a challenging endeavor; however, taking the necessary steps to prepare younger generations well in advance will allow them to be financially independent later in life. Thomas Batterman, an expert fiduciary and financial advisor, takes the time to discuss the importance of teaching children how to manage their expenses and use money responsibly.

Thomas Batterman Provides an Overview of Financial Literacy Month

In 2003, the United States Senate passed Resolution 316, which officially recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month. As a result, many financial institutions and non-profit financial education organizations promote the month by hosting events that pertain to financial education. To go over the importance of the event, we spoke with fiduciary and financial advisor, Thomas Batterman.

Thomas Batterman Provides Tips for College Students on Balancing their Finances

Over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt. When a student graduates, the average student loan borrower has $37,172 in debt, up $20,000 from 13 years ago. With all that said, it has become increasingly important for students to practice effective money management techniques.