Thomas Batterman began his career path early on, by entering the practice of law. During his time in University, his passion for advocating for individuals only grew. He entered the field of law, through private practice. After several years, he realized that law was not fulfilling his passions. He found his joy by entering a profession as a financial fiduciary, which he began over 30 years ago. Thomas Batterman furthered himself by created his own fiduciary business. Furthermore, he continues to establish himself and his business by sticking to his core values; both professionally and personally.

Who is Thomas Batterman?


Thomas Batterman graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as obtaining a law degree from the UW-Madison School of Law. For three years, he focused his efforts in private law, mostly in retirement planning, estate planning and taxes. After careful consideration, Thomas realized he needed a change in his career path. He then decided to narrow his career aspirations to become a financial fiduciary. By joining a local trust company, it positively solidified his choice for changing professions. Furthermore, a lot of the knowledge Thomas gained as a lawyer became very useful in his new position. Thomas Batterman found the challenge of starting anew to be both thrilling and unpredictable at times.

Throughout his time as a financial advisor, he saw a growing need from clients who needed fiduciary advice with investment managing and planning. This put into motion Financial Fiduciaries, LLC in the year 2010. The company has three sections; small insurance companies, private wealth and investment management.



In the span of Thomas Batterman’s professional career, he has realized the significant importance of building strong and trustworthy client relationships. In the business of advising, Financial Fiduciaries, LLC, they rely on maintaining good relationships with clients, while also having an unwavering commitment to them.

Especially when beginning a new business venture, a good business reputation is crucial for establishing oneself. As a fiduciary, one is governed by a certain set of standards. They are in place to ensure the protection of the clients and their holdings. Considerably, most individuals do not realize the necessity of hiring a fiduciary. Thomas Batterman uses his knowledge daily to highlight the value and security it brings to those who need it.